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Binational Health Week
October 1-21, 2013
Location: 40 US States and 3 Canadian Provinces

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Toolkit for BHW Coordinators

BHW Overview
Critical Route
Webinar Description

Taskforce Formation
Invitation Letter
Letter to Invite Experts

Steps for Coordination of Committees
Suggested Profiles for Committee Members

Health Fair Guide
Workshop Guide
Activities Follow Steps

Media Strategy
Invitation Letter for Media
Steps for Media Strategies
Press Release Template
Media Tracking Form
Key Messages

Solicitation of Funds
BHW Improving Access to Healthcare
Steps to Request Funds
Letter to Solicit Funds
Funding Sample Forms

Proclamations and Resolutions
Solicitation of Proclamation Letter
General Proclamation for BHW

Resource Directories
Hometown Associations - Mexico
Community Clinics
Hometown Associations - Guatemala
Hometown Associations - Bolivia
Hometown Associations - Honduras
Hometown Associations - Colombia
Hometown Associations - Ecuador
Hometown Associations - Peru
Hometown Associations - Dominican Republic
Community Agencies
Foundations in the USA
Migrant Education Directory

Mural BHW 2001
Mural BHW 2002
Mural BHW 2003
Mural BHW 2004
Mural BHW 2005
Mural BHW 2006
Mural BHW 2007
Mural BHW 2008
Mural BHW 2009
Mural BHW 2010
Mural BHW 2011
Mural BHW 2012
Mural BHW 2013 with logos
Mural BHW 2013 without logos
BHW Logo

Follow up-Steps
Calendar of Events
Survey Forms
Media Tracking Form
Recognition Example
Sample Local Report (2010)