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Binational Health Week
October 1-21, 2013
Location: 40 US States and 3 Canadian Provinces

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Available Resources


CDC- HIV Among Hispanics/Latinos

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day: Resources

AIDS Information

The Body

United Nations AIDS

Kaiser Family Foundation

San Francisco AIDS Foundation



World Health Organization, TB

Questions and Answers About Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis: Get the Facts!

Tuberculosis: General Information

Tuberculosis Facts – TB Can Be Treated

Trends in Tuberculosis, 2009

Tuberculosis Narrative and Slides:

Power Point Presentation on Tuberculosis

Narrative for Power Point Presentation on Tuberculosis

Fact Sheets

HIV/AIDS (English version)

VIH/SIDA (Spanish version) 

The following presentation on Infectious Disease were presented at the Binational Policy Forum 2011

Analisis del uso de la Tarjeta Binacional de Salud de Tuberculosis- Munoz

Assisting HIV-Infected Patients Who Return to Mexico- Donohoe

Panorama Actual de la Epidemia de VIH en Mexico- Izazola

Practicas de Riesgo VIH-SIDA en Migrantes en Transito por Tijuana- Gonzalez Fagoaga

Understanding disparities in MDR-TB prevalence between Baja California and Hispanics in California- Bojorquez